Vermont in the Comics

Finally going public with a project a group of friends and I here in VT have been casually working on for a while now: a comprehensive list of appearances of the state of Vermont in comic books.


Awesome two-page spread from Batman 237. Admittedly I’m a little distracted by the tight crotch pants. Art by Neal Adams. Whole shebang copyright DC.


Sure a whole lot of nerds are hip to the strange significance of Rutland, VT in the DC and Marvel universes, but what about the Skrull cows in Kings Crossing? Daredevil’s jaunt to Fagan Corners? That time the GI Joe team flattened Springfield? What about Concrete’s trip to the Green Mountain State or the all those newlyweds Charlton sent north for skiing vacations? Hell, is the House of Secrets really located in Vermont?

So we’re looking for your help – crowd sourcing, as it were: do you know of any references we’ve missed? If so, drop us a line and we’ll add ’em in!

We’d greatly appreciate it if you can include at least the following bits of info with any submission:




Any additional info (synopsis, story title, artists/writer, page range, etc.) is terrific – and let me know if you want your initials listed as the “Source.”


But Andy, you ask, how is this relevant to ethnography and the comics?

Well if it has to be, lets just say that as an ethnographer of Vermont I’m really interested in seeing how the state has been represented in comic books. That work?


Here’s the tally so far:


TitleIssue/volumePublisherDateDescription of contentGenreSource
Alien Worlds2Pacific1983"A Mind of Her Own" - girl/woman with psychic powers transports herself via memory to her childhood in Vermont.Sci-fi
Amazing Adventures16/2Marvel1973RutlandSuperhero
Avengers83Marvel1970, DecSuperhero
Avengers93Marvel1971, NovSuperhero
Avengers119Marvel1974, JanuarySuperhero
Avengers166Marvel1977, DecemberSuperhero
Avengers235Marvel1983, SeptSuperhero
Concrete Full Color Special1Dark Horse"The Damp Descent" - Concrete goes to visit friends living in VT. New story in color reprint volume.Superhero
Daredevil56MarvelKaren Page retuns to Fagen Corners, VTSuperhero
Daredevil57MarvelKaren Page retuns to Fagen Corners, VTSuperhero
DC Super Stars18DCDeadman/Phantom Stranger in VT.SuperheroCO
Defenders10Marvel1973, NovemberSuperhero
Defenders18Marvel1974, DecemberSuperhero
Defenders20Marvel1975, FebruarySuperhero
Defenders21Marvel1975, MarchSuperhero
Defenders100Marvel1981, OctoberSuperhero
Detective Comics349DCSuperhero
Fantastic Four2Marvel1962, JanuaryFirst appearance of the Skrull cows in Kings Crossing VermontSuperhero
Freedom Fighters6DCSuperhero
Freedom Fighters13DCSuperhero
GI Joe10MarvelSpringfield, VTLicensed Property
GI Joe14MarvelSpringfield, VTLicensed Property
GI Joe30MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe31MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe32MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe33MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe34MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe35MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe35MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe38MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe42MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe43MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe46MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe47MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe48MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe48MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe49MarvelBattle of SpringfieldLicensed Property
GI Joe50MarvelBattle of SpringfieldLicensed Property
GI Joe51MarvelLicensed Property
GI Joe52MarvelLicensed Property
Human Fly7Marvel1978Superhero
Just Married74CharltonDecember 1970"A Perfect Couple" - skiing vacation in VTRomanceAK
Justice League5DCSuperhero
Justice League6DCSuperhero
Justice League International7DCSuperhero
Justice League of America103DCSuperhero
Justice League of America145DCSuperhero
Justice League of America146DCSuperhero
Justice League of America200DCSuperhero
Love Diary84Charlton"Not Mine Alone" - honeymoon in VT, move there at conclusionRomanceAK
Marvel Feature2Marvel1972Superhero
Marvel Two-in-One7MarvelBarbara Denton / Valkyrie and Thing in VT. "Marvel Two-in-One #7 has the Thing travel to "Cobbler's Roost" Vermont because that's where guest star Valkyrie's human form Barbara Denton came from." SuperheroCO
Occult Files of Doctor Spektor18Gold KeyHorror
Sandman14DCVermont referenced in text.Superhero ; HorrorCO
Swamp Thing6DCSuperhero
Sweethearts113CharltonNovember 1970"Not Worth Loving" - skiing vacation in VTRomanceAK
Tales of the Mysterious Traveler6Charlton1957"When Old Doc Died." Reprinted in Fantagraphics Books's Impossible Tales: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 4HorrorCO
What If22MarvelRutland referenced in letters pageSuperhero
Romantic Story109Charlton1969, Nov"Rich Little Me" - Sugar Bush referred to repeatedly.Romance

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When I Returned – new collection of veterans’ stories from CCS

White River Junction’s Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) made the Boston Globe recently with their new publication, When I Returned.

When I Returned cover

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I have finally gotten around to ordering a copy and I will post a review when I manage to get it together.

Through my day job I get to visit CCS from time to time to talk about ethnography and comics, and the first trip my colleague Greg Sharrow and I made over there several years ago was connected to this particular effort.

Not that this is an ethnographic project, mind you. When I last talked about it with CCS folks the orientation was really around journalism and oral history – with emphasis on the authorial voice of the cartoonists rather than on the collaborative construction of narrative/meaning with the storytellers.

Nothing wrong with this, of course, there are plenty of valid ways to go about telling other people’s stories. I’m really curious to see how it all turned out.

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A Graphic Documentary of Tropical Storm Irene


Today marks the fifth anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene striking the state of Vermont. Like most people around here, I remember August 28, 2011 beginning as a beautiful, clear Vermont morning and turning uglier as the day progressed. Although large swaths of the state experienced little more than a solid – if not overly threatening – tropical storm, many other parts of Vermont were devastated by resultant flooding. Most of Chittenden county, where I live, got through it with minimal impact, but in other parts of the state, in towns such as Rochester, Wilmington, Mendon and others, the storm did extensive and horrific damage.

Map of Burlilngton's Interval

Map of Burlington’s Intervale from Iona Fox’s “Irene.”

In Chittenden county one site that did suffer intensely was Burlington’s Intervale, a 900 acre 1  flood plain 2 bounded in part by the Winooski river in the city of Burlington, VT. The Intervale has been used in a variety of ways going all the way back to the native Abenaki, and currently it houses many small organic farms, homeless encampments, the non-profit Intervale Center, and probably its most famous occupant, Gardener’s Supply. Down in the Intervale (as we say around here) rain from the storm caused the Winooski to rise rapidly above its banks, flooding the farms, destroying crops, and damaging buildings and equipment.

In the weeks following the storm the staff at my day job began to organize a response, so at the time I was thinking a lot about documenting experiences of the storm and the recovery, as well as paying attention to other activities directed toward the same end. Somewhere in there I came across Iona Fox’s little comic, Irene.


From Iona Fox’s “Irene.”

Although I had already been thinking casually about comics and ethnography – and more broadly, the use of comics as a documentary medium, Iona’s work was one of two important things to serve as a real catalyst for refining my thought and getting my ass in gear. 3

Iona is an artist/farmer and graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. Iona completed Irene prior to attending CCS, and in regard to it and her other comics work up to that point, Iona says:

I did lots of short comics beforehand but they were mostly written in terrible academic jibberish – just another 20-something saying “take me seriously, world!” Irene was the first comic I just wrote for my friends, and, surprise! the first comic that was actually fun to make.4

At the time of the storm Iona was working with her partner at Pitchfork Farm, and Irene presents the experience of the storm from the perspectives of the Intervale farmers themselves – Iona included.

I was really excited to see a local cartoonist documenting local experience, and I immediately fell in love with Iona’s drawing style, storytelling, and her treatment of the events. I’ll dedicate a future post to exploring Irene in detail – with Iona’s input.

And so, with the anniversary of the storm on my mind, let me point you all toward Iona Fox’s Irene.

From Iona Fox's "Irene."

From Iona Fox’s “Irene.”

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Culture through Comics at The Nib

Whit Taylor recently gave us a great piece on The Nib entitled, Finding Your Roots – about her hair. A little history of African-American women’s hair care, a little personal experience, a little hair science, and a whole lot of cultural insight.

Whit Taylor comics

“Finding Your Roots” by Whit Taylor.

Vermont cartoonist, Stephanie Zuppo shared this on Facebook – big tip of the old ink pot to her for that.

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Cartoonist Marek Bennett on Bakhtin on the Essence of Ethnography

I met New Hampshire cartoonist, Marek Bennett through a mutual friend several years back as we were beginning to formalize the work that would become the El viaje mas caro mental health/wellness applied cartooning project.

comix by Marek

“Bakhtin: ‘Deepest Communion'” by Marek.

Marek has become an invaluable partner in El viaje mas caro – and an awesome friend to me and my family.

Ethnography is a new concept to most of the cartoonists I meet, and Marek took to some of the core notions of the ethnographic method immediately. He was actually excited! Imagine that?

Following the advice of my buddy, El viaje partner, and anthropologist, Teresa Mares I hipped Marek to the intro of D. Soyini Madison’s Critical Ethnography as a place to begin a more formal engagement with ethnographic concepts.

Not long after, Marek came up with this: Bakhtin: “Deepest Communion”.

Made me love the guy even more.

I’m hoping Marek and I will get it together to work on something together soon.

As a sidebar, I really recommend his travelog, Slovakia (over 600 pages of awesome comics about Eastern Europe for a mere $30!).

His newest, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby is a huge treat as well. It’s like a US Civil War companion to Emmanuel Guibert and Alan Cope’s Alan’s War in the way it highlights tedium and boredom – something that contrasts with more dramatic accounts of wartime experience, and diversifies the narrative of both these conflicts.

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On the De-Objectification of Female Characters…

“As an artist, what can I consider if I want to de-objectify and add power to female characters?”

Renae De Liz

Drawing by Renae De Liz. Borrowed by Andy.

In a series of tweets compiled by Heroic Girls, cartoonist Renae De Liz gives a terrific, thoughtful overview of how to think about – and address – objectification of female characters in superhero comics.

And Geezum, does she select a great character to use as an example: Power Girl.

De Liz’s discussion provides great insight into the changing culture of comics fandom and – in reviewing the comments – the sexism that continues to be persistent in it.

Give it a read here: How To De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide.



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Centre for Imaginative Ethnography!

““What is the place of graphic anthropology in the larger field of graphic non-fiction and graphic journalism?”

A wonderful question from the folks at the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography, and one I’ve wondered about myself for the last several years.

Not being an anthropologist (folklorists don’t count as such) I tend to think more in terms of “comics ethnography” or maybe even “graphic ethnography,” but that’s not a beef at all.

I was very excited to come across their site, in particular their Drawings section–with work form Sally Campbell Galman no less!

I’m even attempting to join.

I’m a joiner.


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