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Culture through Comics at The Nib

Whit Taylor recently gave us a great piece on The Nib entitled, Finding Your Roots – about her hair. A little history of African-American women’s hair care, a little personal experience, a little hair science, and a whole lot of cultural insight.

Whit Taylor comics

“Finding Your Roots” by Whit Taylor.

Vermont cartoonist, Stephanie Zuppo shared this on Facebook – big tip of the old ink pot to her for that.

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On the De-Objectification of Female Characters…

“As an artist, what can I consider if I want to de-objectify and add power to female characters?”

Renae De Liz

Drawing by Renae De Liz. Borrowed by Andy.

In a series of tweets compiled by Heroic Girls, cartoonist Renae De Liz gives a terrific, thoughtful overview of how to think about – and address – objectification of female characters in superhero comics.

And Geezum, does she select a great character to use as an example: Power Girl.

De Liz’s discussion provides great insight into the changing culture of comics fandom and – in reviewing the comments – the sexism that continues to be persistent in it.

Give it a read here: How To De-Objectify Women in Comics: A Guide.



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